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The protection you need for your home.

Lets face it, home insurance isn't going to be the most exciting thing you will buy.
On the other hand, buying your house was probably one of the most significant purchases of your life, and for most of us our home is far more than just bricks and mortar. It becomes the centre of the family life and is filled with the things we value and want to protect.
Todd Price can arrange this protection for you. Virtually everything in your home can be covered. Our policies are simple to arrange, easy to understand and are flexible enough to meet your individual needs, giving you the confidence that you have made the right choice.
Of course most of the time we expect life to go on as normal. But sometimes, out of the blue, something happens to change this. Incidents such as a burst pipe, a kitchen fire or a burglary not only cost a lot to put right but can cause significant disruption to you and your family.

If the worst happens we will help …

However our service is not just about paying claims. You can contact most of our insurers 24 hours a day for advice and support, so we can immediately start working together to get your life back to normal.
And you can be confident that we have the expertise to deal with your particular problem, after all what is a one-off event for you are an everyday occurrence for us.

What is covered by your Contents Insurance?

Contents include your household furniture, personal effects, clothing, sports & hobby equipment etc.
High Risk Items are those that are particularly attractive to thieves or are easily lost or damaged. For example; televisions, audio/video equipment, computer equipment, jewellery, watches, articles of gold, silver or precious metals, works of art, stamp, coin and medal collections, money, credit cards, photographic equipment, portable musical equipment, camping equipment, portable sports equipment, toys, pedal cycles, furs, guns and firearms.
Personal Possessions are articles that are normally worn, used or carried in everyday life. They can be defined as items of clothing, personal effects, jewellery, watches, money and credit cards, cameras, mobile phones, musical instruments, sports equipment, camping equipment, luggage, portable audio and pedal cycles.

What is not covered?

Things that can be specifically excluded from a policy are property owned or used for business purposes, motor vehicles, surfboards, sailboards, and interior decorations.

What are your contents covered for?

A standard policy provides a high level of cover for your contents. Your contents are protected against such perils as fire, theft, flood and water damage; in addition cover is extended to include accidental damage to home entertainment equipment, mirrors and fixed glass in furniture.
Cover exists for replacement door locks if your keys are lost or stolen. Money within the home is also insured, as is the cost of alternative accommodation if you have to move out of your home following loss or damage. Finally, Homeowners legal liability is covered.
In addition, you can choose to extend the policy to provide valuable extra cover for your personal possessions away from home. You can also upgrade to full accidental damage cover on the majority of your furnishings.

What is not covered?

There can be a few things that you would not be covered for such as losses while your belongings are outside of you home. Loss or damage while your home is unoccupied or unfurnished for more than 30 days or is let or sub-let. Loss or damage due to misuse, cleaning, mechanical failure, wear and tear, cleaning, vermin and gradually operating causes.

Optional Extensions - Cover for your Personal Possessions.

Personal possessions are protected against theft or accidental loss or damage anywhere in Europe and for up to 60 days worldwide. In addition, you'll be covered if your credit cards are used fraudulently.

What is protected by your buildings insurance?

Buildings are your house and the fixtures and fittings together with outbuildings, garages and greenhouses. Your buildings also include things like swimming pools, patios, driveways, path walls, gates, hedge and fences.

What are your buildings covered for?

Cover can be either standard or wider cover. Under standard cover your buildings are protected against perils such as fire, theft, flood and storm damage. Standard cover will also include accidental breakage of fixed glass, sanitary fittings and underground services. In addition professional fees, site clearance and the cost of alternative accommodation should you have to move out of the property following a loss or damage.
Wider cover would include all standard perils plus accidental loss or damage. This extension would cover you for incidents like accidentally putting your foot through the ceiling while in the loft. Frost damage would also be included.

How much do you insure your buildings for?

The amount insured should be the sum it would cost to fully rebuild your home, not the purchase or resale value. Additional charges should also be allowed for site clearance costs and professional fees. It is important that your amount insured represents the full rebuilding cost or your home. If the amount insured is less than the rebuilding cost then a deduction will be made from any claims payment under the policy.

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